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Realizing the Concept of Self Affirmation

The simple, short, positive statements that you may have come across at various places which have struck you are actually affirmations. These tend to motivate and encourage you when you read them. You can make them on your own for yourself and then they will become self affirmations for you.

These statements can greatly influence your life. They can show you the positive angle of any view point. Its proper practice can help you change the way of your life. You can make it follow the direction you want. It directly impacts the most powerful tool in existence, the mind. Realizing the concept of self affirmation is neither easy nor impossible. The key is to understand the methods through which it works. Before starting off with the process of using it, you will have to write the statements.

  • Goals: Goals are the foundations on which the affirmations are created. Analyze and evaluate yourself. You will understand what you wish to become. You will also understand your strengths, and weaknesses. Accordingly you can choose your work and dreams. You will also learn about the hindrances that restrict your way. These will help you set achievable and measurable goals. Once you have written down your goals, it is time to write down the affirmations. Your affirmations should be such that it keeps you focused and motivated to realize your goals.

  • Practice: Regular practice makes you perfect. Use the affirmations on a daily basis to help strengthen the thinking ability. It should be repeated everyday with all the faith in you. Before you begin your work in the morning, read them aloud. It will help you stay focused throughout the day. At night, before you retire to bed, repeat them again. With time, it will become a habit and the statements will get embedded in your mind. This will keep you in track of your achievement and dreams.

  • Visualize: Whenever you read the affirmations, believe in the words you pronounce. Keep your faith and confidence in yourself and your dreams. Your heart and mind should be in union to make the affirmations work for you. As you repeat the sentences, try to imagine your dream and your role and actions in it vividly like a clear movie in progress. It might be difficult to perform initially, but with time things will improve as your mental ability and capacity grows stronger.

  • Believe: Believe in yourself even when no one else believes in you. It is important to stay alert and know your convictions. If you are in state of self doubting, read your goals again and think about them to gain the confidence back. It is not easy to reach a position and stay their holding on to it. Acknowledge your weakness and learn how to overcome them. Do not give way to negative thoughts.

With the flow of time, you will be able to achieve your dreams. You will have improved self-worth and will be able to handle the various situations in your life a lot better.