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Daily Positive Affirmations to beat stress from your life

Affirmations are short, positive statements that when read on a daily basis can help you achieve your goals better. Whenever you are under stress and do not know what to do or what to think, go through the affirmations that you have written down. It is a powerful tool that can improve your self-esteem and bolster your confidence level.

Since affirmations are self developed statements that can lead you to your goals or targets, it works as a motivational factor for you. It encourages you to move forward and come out of the stagnant phase. In a time when you are subdued, and under lots of pressure, you tend to lose your focus. Gradually this leads to back log in work, tensions in relationships, mood swings and unnecessary stress.

In such cases, using daily affirmations can work wonders to beat the stress from your life. Positive affirmations are statements that bring out the innate desires and wants from the core of your heart in positive words. Daily practice can help you in some of the following ways:

  1. Usage: These statements should be read at the morning before starting your work. It will help you to relax and stay focused throughout the day. Again it should be read aloud at night before you go to sleep. It will ease out the tensions and help you sleep better. Whenever reading them, make sure that you actually say the words with passion and emotion, so that you believe in them. This will help you to keep them in your thought process and will act as an inhibitor during stressful situations. Moreover, it will also help you to visualize them better and a regular habit of it can actually change your life in a way you want.

  2. Challenge: Every problem has a solution and the key has to be found. Taking stress does not help the process, but affirmations which transform stress in a constructive process are helpful. A statement such as ‘Any problem is a challenge and never a stress’ can actually help the brain to acknowledge the problem as just another challenge or barrier to overcome and reduces the stress level immensely.

  3. Confidence: Reduction in stress level can actually help to gain back the confidence. The belief that you are capable of handling the situations, whatever they might be helps to increase the self-confidence. A statement such as ‘I can handle every situation, no matter what it is’ will actually help you recognize your own potential and will reduce the stress you may have encountered. The subtlety lies in the fact that the situations have to be acknowledged and worked with to reduce the conflicts between its causes and solutions.

  4. Strength: Believing that you are a strong and capable person can actually be beneficial to improve your self-esteem and will act as a stress buster. The growing confidence that you can feel with repetition of statement such as ‘I am a strong and can accomplish everything that I have decided’ will not go away in a jiffy. Here you do not assume, nor do you doubt, you simple believe that you can.