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Benefits of Positive Self Affirmations for Teenagers

Teenage is the most wavering stage of a person’s life. It is a time when things can go wrong in a blink of eye. Moreover, the competition in today’s world makes them overloaded with work and information. They easily tend to lose focus.

If anything does not go in accordance to their plans, it makes a grave impact on their mind. Their self belief and self worth takes a nosedive. They become irritating, frustrating and begin to doubt themselves. Their morale is now at the lowest point possible and they try to find a way out. Many take a wrong way out by turning to alcohol, negative behavior and even substance abuse.

When such symptoms comes to forefront, it is better to talk to them rather scream. They will have to understand the importance and beauty of life. Showing them the right way out can save them from lots of troubles.

Positive self affirmations are one of such ways. The teenager has to understand that self affirmations can actually help him or her to turn their life in a better direction. Some of the benefits that a teenager can gain by practicing affirmations are discussed as below:

  1. Remove negativity: Affirmations or positive statements can help in removing the negativity that clouds the mind of the teenager. They learn to see and feel the good in themselves and their surroundings. These statements have to be regularly repeated to increase their strength and impact. With time, they will be able to use their imagination and visualize their goals. As the thoughts process grows stronger, they will be in a better position to control their minds.

  2. Focus on goals: Identifying the goals that they want to achieve is the first step of self discovery. They learn to understand themselves better, and get to know their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, wishes, convictions and limitations. Based on these goals, they write affirmations which can help them stay focused on their goals and remove the inhibitors that block their path. It helps them to stay motivated. As they internalise the statements, they begin to believe in them and in return, it helps them achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

  3. Gain Confidence: As the teenager repeats the statements on a daily basis, the negative feelings tend to diminish. It develops his thinking process and strengthens his mind and beliefs. In the process, they start to visualize their dreams turning to reality. They make sincere efforts to achieve them. With time they tend to succeed and every achievement counts as it helps them gain back the confidence in themselves.

  4. Improve Self-worth: The growing confidence, gaining success in work, and achieving the targets they had set for themselves impacts the teenager in a positive manner. It helps him in self evaluation and improves his self-esteem. He learns to give himself importance and cares for his work, his life, his appearance and of all the people who care for him. In the process, he develops and tries to carve out an identity for himself.