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Fundamentals of Positive Self Affirmations

Positive self affirmations are the positive statements that serve as motivators in the lives of common people. It helps to improve the various aspects of life such as personal development, capacity to work, and relationships. It can help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

While you try to understand the working of these statements, it is essential that you understand the fundamentals of these statements.

  1. Goals: It is the base of any affirmations you make or write. Therefore, it is important that you to know precisely the goals that you wish to attain. These should be achievable, attainable and measurable, so they will have to be specific in nature. Once you know them, find the things that tend to keep you away from achieving your goals. It is so because the affirmations you write after this will be short, simple, concrete sentences that will help you remove these hindrances and attain your targets.

  2. Statements: The affirmations you write should be short and focused ones. Self developed statements are the most effective ones because you know the exact reason behind writing them. Therefore, do not copy from anyone. When you believe in something, and you write it down, it will have the strength to create an impact on your mind as and when you read them. Write in positive words so that you do not feel as if you are denying yourself something. If you do so, then a negative psychology will begin its work.

  3. Time: The statements written by you should be in present tense. It is the only phase of time you should be bothered with. Not past and not the future because you have no control over them. You live in present and work in present. Writing in present tense will help you acknowledge your thought process and your work better. When you imagine yourself doing something now and will repeatedly tell yourself, then the particular thing will actually start to work and your wish will eventually get realized.

  4. Habit: When something is done o a daily basis, it becomes a habit. Affirmations are something that you will have to turn into your habit. Therefore, you will need to practice reading these statements regularly until you achieve your goal. When you practice them daily, make sure you just do not read them aloud rather you should be able to feel them. Keep repeating your convictions when you are going through stressed periods. It will help you stay motivated.

  5. Believe: Unless you believe, nothing will actually work. Therefore, you will have to keep faith in yourself. It is easy to get distracted by negative thoughts. Hold strong and do not let those thoughts invade your dreams. Staying alert and focused will do the work for you. It may initially seem too tough, may be almost impossible. Keep your patience and do not be disheartened because it takes time to get used to the feeling. Avoid giving importance to any kind of negative feeling or doubt.