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Self affirmation and how it can make your life better

Self affirmations are wonderful things to work with. They are positive, clear, simple, and short sentences that can help you in the process of self development. These statements can help you stay motivated. These are positive statements written in positive words. They have to be self developed if you want them to work at their best and to bring in the necessary changes.

The manner in which negative thinking attracts more negativity, in similar way positive thinking invites more positivity. Any positive change is a step towards the process of development. If you are wondering as how these affirmations can help you, then you will have to understand that the power of the mind is a very powerful tool. You can actually make something happen if you strongly believe in it.

You can use this in your best interest. This implies that the power is always in you, only you will have to learn to use it at its full capacity. Your will have to have a clear perception of your want and imagine it in your mind like seeing a movie. This is the process of visualization. It may seem strange and extremely difficult initially. But with practice, it will become a habit and you will feel its impact making your life a lot better. It will guide your brain and make your thought process stronger by the day.

  • Making: Before you start off, you will have to write down the statements. It is not an easy task for those who have never done it before. Therefore, you will have to ponder within yourself and understand what you exactly want. Once you know what you want, level it down to measurable terms as your goals. These should be achievable. Now you will have to think of the things that cause hinder to accomplishment of these goals. Once you know them, write down positive statements that will help you achieve your goals and will negate your hindrances.

  • Regularity: Practice makes perfect. So these affirmations also work best when repeated. Daily repeating the sentence will help you gain confidence, focus and reduce your stress levels. These will also help you to hold your faith. The thought process in the meantime grows strong. So repeat the sentences everyday at least twice in a manner which reflects your faith in the words you say.

  • Alertness: It is important that you stay alert and do not slip into subconscious state whenever you are thinking. If you find difficult to stay with your convictions, then read the goals to gain your confidence back. If you do not believe in yourself, you will find it very difficult to steer the course and come out as a winner. Therefore, stay focused. If you find negative thoughts and doubts clouding your mind, do not entertain them. Just leave them aside and give no notice to their existence.

If you can follow these, with passage of time you will find yourself with improved self esteem and in a better position to handle your life.