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Exercises to Improve Self Confidence

There are many ways to increase self-confidence but repetition of certain exercises not just improves confidence but these also make sure that you are never deficient of it. These exercises are discussed below.

  1. Do Good Deeds
  2. There are infinite numbers of good things that you can do in your daily life. Doing well to others is a way to feel better about you. It increases self-worth. It is an interesting way to increase confidence.

    You may plant more trees, participate in water reservation or take responsibility of education of a poor child. If such heavy stuff is not your cup of tea then you may try simpler ways to do well to others. You start by being the first to initiate to solve differences with a good friend.

    When you do good things, you feel good and confidence follows you.

  3. Maintain a Dairy
  4. If you have been writing diary before then read what you have written about yourself in it. It will give you a view on what is your level of confidence.

    Read about what effects your self confidence? What is source of your self confidence? Does it get affected easily? A lot can be concluded about confidence levels of a person through their personal dairy. A confident person would often write carefree phrases such as, “I do not care” in their dairy.

    The point is that the dairy helps you remain connected with yourself. It helps you understand about your own psychology.

  5. Practice “Let-go”
  6. Being confident does not mean that you can control everything in your life. That is just not possible. Practice “let-go” whenever things are not in your hand.

    Let us take an assumption. You need to reach at a venue but cannot make it on time because you are stuck in traffic. What do you do when you finally reach the place your client has been waiting ?

    There are two options. One, you may develop low self confidence because you reached late and because the client is not having a happy face. Second, you may forget about what happened and hold the meeting with confidence and enthusiasm.

    The second part can only happen if you adapt yourself to let-go of the unwanted situations.

  7. Keep yourself Motivated through Goals
  8. Maintain a list of short-term and long term goals. Self confidence is not only important in professional life but it is essentially needed in every aspect of your life. Therefore, list down all type of goals in this list.

    Under each goal write a flowchart on how you think you can achieve that goal. Follow that flowchart religiously until your achieve it.

    Life is like a war and goals are like battles. Winning and losing will be part of the war and so will be your self confidence. Winning will increase your confidence and losing will teach you to maintain faith in yourself even in bad times.

  9. Physical Exercises
  10. Physically active lifestyle helps the body produce endorphins. These are called the “happy hormones” and are found in people who exercise regularly. These hormones provide a “feel good” factor to the mind and body.

    Physical exercises help maintain a healthy body which obviously makes you feel more confident.

  11. Positive Affirmations
  12. These can be used just like meditation. Many psychologists and self development speakers agree that positive affirmations can increase self confidence in anyone, in any situation.

    You may choose from general or specific affirmations. Some of the affirmations for increasing self confidence are as below:

    “No one is perfect”, “There is nothing that can reduce my confident” and “I am confident. I can face anything”

    People who suffer from a very low self confidence must seek a consultant.