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Fight Stress by Building Self Confidence

Stress, whether physical or mental, directly affects efficiency both at work and in relationships. Fights and arguments in relationships churn out stress which brings in many self doubts along with it. Stress at work place too is equally tiresome. A bad day at work, a disturbed relation with boss or a presentation that did not go well; all these situations cause chipping of self confidence.

Such frequent episodes may cause a prolonged damage to self esteem and self confidence. Hence it is important to know how to maintain self confidence even in the most stressful of the situations.

Here are a few ways to fight stress by building self confidence.

  • Pamper Yourself
  • It may sound tiring but pampering oneself is a great way to get rid of stress. Take pride in what you are and show acceptance to all shades of your personality.

    There are many ways to make you feel special. It could be anything. You may either take a spa treatment or get a new hair cut or simply prepare a bubble bath. Indulging is body treatments is not the only way of pampering oneself.

    The idea is to pamper your body and groom your personality. By the time you will recover from stress, your looks, too, will have improved. This in itself is a powerful way to improve your self confidence. You will feel an increase in self worth for yourself.

  • Get a Dog
  • Though you may have any pet that you desire but having a dog is altogether a different thing. It is a great way to deal with stress because a dog gives you all the attention in the world. It will make you feel special and wanted. It is a fun way to improve self worth.

  • Maintain the “I can do it” Factor
  • No matter how stressed or exhausted you are you must always have enough faith in yourself. This can be achieved by practicing a positive attitude. You may put encouraging posters on the walls on your or a motivating quotation at the office desk.

    Pictures are more powerful than quotations. Hence try keeping such photographs which reflect enthusiastic attitude.

  • Be with those who Care
  • Try meeting your favorite people right after your working hours. You will not just feel refreshed but also feel amazingly good. Feeling good helps in improving self worth and thus increases self confidence.

  • Maintain a Positive Mind Frame
  • Stress and anxiety bring a lot of negative thoughts along with it. In order to deal with these unproductive thoughts one must maintain a positive frame of mind.

    There are many effective ways to remain optimistic even in the most adverse of the situations. These include meditation, practicing positive affirmations and positive reading.

    Positive affirmations can be practiced any time and at any place. You may either repeat them in the morning, before leaving for the office, or practice when you are in dire need to feel good about yourself.

  • Remain connected to yourself
  • Start writing your personal dairy. Read those pages on the weekend the ones that you write on the weekdays. This will help you test your present levels of self confidence. Accordingly, you should choose ways to increase it.