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Building Self confidence in Overweight Women

The way we look, changes the way others look at us. Additionally, most of us rely on others opinion to form an opinion about how we look. And, when we do not look good, and we know that clearly, it brings an instant reduction in our self confidence and self esteem.

Being overweight is related to be out of fashion, unhealthy and not even near to looking beautiful. For the same reason, overweight women are unable to feel good about their appearance. It is not good for their mental and physical health. Long episodes of low self confidence can lead to stress. This stress may further cause increase their weight. It may even lead to chronic depression.

Therefore, it is important to make overweight women have confidence in their self. Here are some effective ways to do the same.

  1. Dress Accordingly
  2. Who says that one cannot look good if one is overweight? There are certain cloths tailored in such a way to define the curves of the body in a positive way. For example, if there is more weight around the stomach region then a loose long shirt can be worn with a nice pair of jeans.

    Instead of tight skirts, long skirts which are low in diameter can be worn. Likewise, many combinations can be made based on the body type.

    Once you start wearing clothes that outline your body beautifully you shall look slimmer and feel more confident.

  3. The Funny Side
  4. Only a confident person can make fun of the way they look and it can also work vice versa. Try to look at the humorous side of your body. I once knew a girl who said that she is actually very proud of her weight. She used to say that if anyone tried to mess with her she can simply sit on the person and make them beg for his/her breathe.

    Obviously, the attempt is to find humorous ways to deal with the weight and cheer oneself up. It is definitely not an attempt to find excuses not to lose weight. Try to find out which fruit or vegetable your body resembles the most.

    Write the health benefits of that food item. Imagine that you are this food item and feel good about the benefits.

    You may even find an animal to which your body shape resembles. Write down the strengths of the animal and feel good about resembling with the one.

    Let us take example of an elephant. Elephants are extremely loyal and have incredible physical strength. They always remain in a group and can easily socialize with anyone.

  5. Acceptance is the Only Way
  6. There is nothing else that you can do about being overweight than accept that you are overweight. Even if you are trying to lose weight, you cannot do it in one day. It is a gradual process. Till then, you will need to understand that accepting the body the way it is, is the first step towards building self confidence.

  7. Socialize More
  8. The more people you meet more confident you will become. When you will be meeting more people you will get used to presenting yourself to the world the way you are. Then, the physical appearance will not be a focal point.

    Being overweight is not the end of the world. It is just a part of your life. One day, with your determination, you will be able to achieve. Until then, you should live life to the fullest with confidence.