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Learn Self Control for Self Development

Self Control and Self Development
Self-control and self-development are integral to each other. One cannot exist without the other as each one plays a complementary role to the other. Self-control helps in self-development while self-development aids the improvement of self-control.

Self-Control and Stress
Controlling stress is akin to self-control, as often it has to be done by the person himself. Though external help can be taken in the form of group meditation, counselling, or medication, the individual himself/herself plays the lead role.

Exercising Self-Control
Exercising self-control in not impossible, in fact, it should be read as - I-AM-POSSIBLE. The element of possibility resides within oneself as it is all in the mind.

Remaining Optimistic in Hard Times
How to remain optimistic in hard times is best explained through different examples as every situation can be diametrically opposite to any other.

Self Control and Success
Self-control is usually used to restrain negativism and stop ourselves from pessimistic actions and behaviour that can be detrimental to our societal or work-related positions.

Self Control and Rational Decision Making
Both self-control and rationality are traits that emerge in humans along with maturity. We cannot expect a child of six years to be rational and exhibit self-control, as he/she is immature.

Control Theories
When one speaks of control theories, it could refer to a whole set of sociological theories. For the discussion on self-control and theories, let us look at a few of them.

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