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Influencing Techniques for Building Business Relationships

The ability to influence others is a crucial element required to build a successful business. Every work has its rewards both in terms of money and recognition. However, success in business does not come only by doing a good job. A good business relationship depends on how effective is the influencing skill.

Various techniques are being used today to develop the effective skills required for maintaining the relationships in the business world. It is not very difficult work as perceived in general if you understand the correct ingredients required to establish a positive interaction. Some of such ingredients are categorically simple things that must be followed.

  • Know yourself: Self awareness is the key to the whole process. It is apt to say that no one knows you better than yourself. If you wish to influence others, it is important that you have a positive mindset and you know your key features in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Understand others: Once you know yourself sufficiently, it will be easy for you to identify others’ features. It will help you to find the similarities and dissimilarities between people and you. The ability to understand what another person thinks, how he reacts, and works, and the ability to empathize with them is necessary.

  • Team behavior: When you are working with teams, it is essential to understand the work of the individual team member as well as the team as a whole. Every member’s contribution is equally important. Understanding the behavior of the group can help to identify their strengths and weaknesses and the various opportunities to work with them. This will help you to influence them. Focusing on the team and influencing them to work as one is the key to influence groups. You will have to keep it in mind that different strategies are going to work with different groups.

  • Individuals: Building business relationships start with individuals. So it is important, that you get into good rapport with people you are going to work in future. Communicate with them if possible face to face to establish a comfort zone with them. It is a win-win situation when both the parties will be keen to establish the business relationship.

  • Trust: The process of influencing cannot be fruitful if there is no trust. You can only influence a person who is ready to open up to your views. A person will be ready to listen to you if he trusts you, otherwise not. Therefore, the element of success will be to gain the confidence of the other person.

All of these skills are interdependent on each other. Working with such skills is not easy unless you know how to evolve with each experience. It will be effective to build a business relationship only if you can maintain it for the long term. Therefore, value the feedback that you receive from others, analyze them and develop new strategies that you can implement. It is an art as well as science. You theorize, apply, experiment, conclude and again reinvent and in this whole process you end up using all the potential to create new relationships.