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Using Subconscious Mind to Influence People

Influencing people is an art where positive features of your character play an important role. Whenever you meet people, you try to impress them whether you know it or not. Your optimism gets reflected through your behavior and actions. Consequently it helps you to make friends, get work, solve problems and help others.

Your subconscious mind has an active part in influencing people as it forms the base of your behavior. Therefore, it is better if you try to understand how to use it more effectively. Some of such techniques which can help you improve your position are:

  • Establishing connection: When you meet someone, you may or may not like that person. It actually depends on the things that are going on in your mind subconsciously. You can make an effort to use them. Learn to identify the similarities between you and the other person. Notice how the person talks, behaves and then adjust your speed accordingly. It will not only make the person comfortable but will also help him or her to naturally open up. Try to build a rapport with the person but do not copy him. If you try to act exactly like other person, it will be devastating. The person may feel insulted and irritated and you will lose your identity in the process.

  • Believe: every individual has their own set of convictions and principles. Know what you believe in. It is important because no one will believe you if you do not believe in yourself. So have faith and trust your instincts. Everyone has an intuition that grows with experience, and knowledge. Whenever you are conversing with someone in any situation, trust your instincts and things will not go wrong.

  • Friendship: Making friends is one of the easiest things you can do. As you go on with your daily activities, you are likely to meet a number of people. In the process you will make more friends than enemies. Liking someone is triggered by your dormant thought process, so work on the similarities and matching interests. Strike the chord at the right note and you will not falter.

  • Proactive: Make an effort to get to know people. Being proactive can take you a long way. Understand the need of the person you are talking to. Help out with the things they are struggling with or trying to achieve. If you figure it out and find that it is in your capacity to provide, go ahead. It does not always have to be some material thing. It can also be your time if the other person is looking for someone who will simply listen to their words without offering a criticism or a judgment.

While you are toiling with the ideas, do not forget to take a look at yourself. Ask your close friends to describe you and what they like and dislike about you. Then think if you like the way you project yourself. It may not be true at all times because you may be doing a lot of things without a conscious effort. Give effort to alter those things consciously.