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Top 3 Techniques to Influence People

Technique to influence people is a difficult topic to talk about but actually involves very simple ways that we use in our daily life. These are methods through which we leave an impact on the minds of others. The capacity to influence someone is actually dependent on the person and it is an ability that varies from individual to individual.

It can impact every aspect of our lives, be it business, attitude, mindset, relationship or work. The skills of the individuals improve with time due to the various experiences that they encounter. Along with this, they can also improve their own potential by gaining knowledge about the subjects that might be affecting the relationships and analyzing its causes.

It is a long term and continuous process. People tend to look for short-cuts. While there are no short cuts to success and internalizing very habit takes a long time, there are some basic guides. These have been tried and proven over time and can help you to understand the situations better and influence people involved much faster. Here are three of such proven techniques that can help you influence people.

Technique 1 - Leadership Quality: People tend to follow those people who are in higher and stronger position. It may be in terms of power, authority or simple characteristic features. Hence, the leadership qualities of a person can actually help him gain confidence of others. To be a leader, you will have to do two primary things.

You will have to know yourself very well. Know your strengths, weaknesses, convictions, plans, value system and have faith in yourself. The confidence in you should be able to make the people around you believe in your words. The other thing is to know the people around you. You should be able to understand the needs and thought process of these people. Knowing their strong and weak points can help you mould your thought process to suit their requirements.

Technique 2 - Behavior: One should be on their best behavior to make a positive impact on others. Honesty and genuine care can make the other person comfortable. So smile and show appreciation to the people. Acknowledge them the way they are, empathize with them and do not pretend or show sympathy. Every person has an instinct or intuition that keeps working and it is easy to see through the fake emotions and pretensions.

Technique 3 - Help: When you meet people, you come across them in different moods and situations. While you can term some of them as good experience, you would categorize the other ones into bad. It is important that you keep your positivity and calmness in every situation. If it is a good situation, enjoy it with the person and feel happy for him. However, if bad conditions prevail, try to help the person out in your own way. If there is something you can actually do to improve the circumstances, go ahead without expecting any return. An unconditional and unexpected help is always appreciated and it goes a long way to make an impact on others. People tend to return favors as and when possible.