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Personal Life Coaching and its Relevance in Social Life

Human beings are social by nature. Although there are numerous species existing on this planet who prefer a solitary mode of living, humans find it difficult and almost impossible to exist alone. They always prefer companions and family. A lonely person is never considered a happy person. There is always a strong urge to refer back and fall back upon a group of people a human is closely associated with.

This very nature has made us all humans crave for social acceptance. We like to be known, to be spoken to, to be looked after and to be related to. Social acceptance, however, at certain stages can take a complete toll over your life. Just to be accepted in a group, people end up imitating others, adopting traits that others exhibit. Out of the ever boiling social pressure, people end up with personality disorders or identity conflicts.

To be accepted socially, it is not important to be like others to fit into a group. Your aim, as a person should be to dwell upon your own strengths and skills and most importantly believe in yourself. Most people have been able to achieve the same through personal life coaching.

Personal life coaching is a process involving a personal life coach and a client. The coach follows the approach of counseling. A thorough question-answer session is organized in order to completely understand the situation the client is facing. Keeping a futuristic approach, this session aims at providing a sense of clarity to the person in question.

Deriving its roots from sociology and psychology, life coaching works at unveiling the blueprints of relationships that we all hold inside. It helps to develop a clearer picture in order to enable the client in adopting the correct attitude for his social life.

In most of the cases, personal life coaches have worked on enhancing the personality of their clients. Teenagers who had taken up inappropriate habits in order to fit into their peer groups have formed a major percentage of their clients. Personal life coaches have been successful in bringing back their self confidence and helping them in giving up the undesired mode of existence.

Some life coaches are known to have become life long companions. This happens depending upon the nature of the problem at hand. Some problems and situations require shorter duration to solve. There are also situations where people engage in personal life coaches to have a constant consultation time and again for different problems of similar nature. This occurs mostly with people whose professional lives require a lot of social or public dealing.

Life coaches work on areas such as self esteem, motivation, self development which are directly or indirectly related to how a person responds to his social environment. A person who is motivated, has been working on his personal development will always have a strong self esteem. This self esteem will always help the person in presenting himself confidently. He will also be able to develop trustworthy and long lasting associations with other people as he will not be imitating or pretending. Truthfulness is important to set a strong base for a long term relationship with a friend, relative or life companion.