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The Power of Self Respect

Self respect is a priceless asset of one’s life. It is an experience of being deserving and feeling worthy as a human being. Self respect is a powerful force that allows us to perceive the approach of self approval waiting for none to appreciate our existence; it inspires us to proceed on our own pace.

All human beings are blessed with certain instinctive values and potentials in life. Due to lack of knowledge, we often fail to identify our own qualities and therefore, feel degraded. Self ignorance widens the possibility of self-deception to cease all prospects of life. Self respect teaches us to honor our values and ethics in life before anyone could recognize it.

Honor and recognition are the two basic demands of every human being. For some people these are very prominent, and in some cases they remain silent or hidden within the self. We feel humiliated and frustrated if we do not get proper value and respect from people. This automatically generates self negligence which is a barrier to individual success and contentment. Self respect teaches us to praise our own demands, encourage our performances and respect our existence. Hence, self admiration has a direct influence on the actions performed by an individual.

Self respect must vibrate with talents such as self acceptance, self knowledge, honesty, integrity, wisdom, and above all self discipline. Self acceptance is the first and foremost condition of self respect. Self acceptance means the ability to accept ourselves just the way ‘we are’. This makes us feel that, we are not here to do things like the way people do. Self acceptance introduces us with the eternal fact that “we were born to be ourselves”. Self acceptance is a realization of self worth which is the key to our happiness and success. Self knowledge is the final phase of self consciousness, which allows us to realize our own feelings and strengthen our inner soul to cope up with all challenges in life. Growth in life is associated with honesty. This is an ability to accept our mistakes and appreciate our own successes. Integrity is a greater inner realization and a bonding with the soul which would not shade off while tackling various confrontations in life. If we feel ourselves worthy, we would not tolerate others to play small with us or would not suppress ourselves from doing what we intend to do. Therefore wisdom keeps our aspirations high. Wisdom is the ability to judge between right and wrong. It is an absolute knowledge of self which determines our goal and eliminates all unnecessary elements from our life. Self discipline or self control is a condition, an ability to remain poised even at any detrimental or unwanted situation. Self respect converts self knowledge into a power, the power to motivate our inner soul as well as to discover our real self.

However, self respect can never be borrowed or obtained. There is neither a yardstick to measure self honor nor it has any physical appearance. The seed of self respect has to be injected at the very beginning of life so that it marks its appearance at the dawn of adolescence and grows higher with the passage of time. Self respect gives us the privilege to celebrate our entity. Finally, self respect is like a lighted candle which ignites out life; it is the wheel of life for progress.