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Self Respect - A Key to Individuals Happiness

Human life is a mission, a struggle for happiness. Man’s search for happiness could be traced from the primitive age when they started living in caves to shelter them form the scorching sun rays or from the incessant drops of rain. From that period till date, there has been a drastic change in human lifestyle and character; but, the eternal search for happiness has remained the same.

However, at present time, the deeper and more comprehensive understanding of human happiness is more likely to be related with human psychology. As human beings, we all long for recognition and appreciation. Social acceptance and public respect add a lot to our individual happiness. Now the question is, how to gain recognition and honor from the society? ‘Social respect’ is a very fragile term, which depends entirely on the socio cultural background. What would happen if we fail to get public acceptance? Does our happiness ends here? Certainly not! We are not destined to live our life the way people have demonstrated it. As human beings, we have better objectives to accomplish. We would not wait for people to tap our shoulder and make us happy. We have to search and redefine the definition of happiness within ourselves.

Happiness has its own law of growth and this law demands individual strive to earn self respect at the first. Self respect is a deeper realization of the inner self, the better understanding of the real entity. Happiness is a human right which should not wait for social approval. We should not judge ourselves depending on the social perspective. Every individual is born with several distinctive qualities to fulfill certain objectives. Once we know ourselves, we acknowledge ourselves, we actually start growing with our good qualities, and we realize the supreme manifestation of our soul. This is the phase where the foundation stone of self respect can be laid. Once we start respecting ourselves we do not wait for anyone else to respect us. We grow and earn happiness on our own, without the approval of others.

Self respect brings self awareness. Human being is a self developing soul; we develop according to our own intellectual and moral capabilities and create our own path for success. The spirit of self respect helps us to examine our qualities, review our goals, and set our priorities in life. Once we start growing freely, we start developing our confidence. Self confidence brings power to motivate us to participate in a higher life where success is inevitable. A deep realization of the inner self defines the motive of life to us, discloses the reason behind our existence. Here lies the essence of human happiness. Therefore, as human beings what we need to do is to respect ourselves and find out the sole objective of our life.

The key to individual happiness is to accept ourselves the way we are. Replicating others can never bring happiness for long. We have to live on our own value systems. We have to sign our own signature and that is the secret of happiness. The true secret of self contentment is to find out the deeper worth, the real psychic entity within. Therefore, self respect does not lead you to happiness; self respect creates happiness within your own self.