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Find Motivation and Strong Determination in Yourself

It was Niel Armstrong’s indomitable determination and self motivation which took him to moon; when man could hardly think of space exploration. There are many such examples available in the world where man’s self motivation brought determination which completely transformed their lives. If life is a race then motivation is the gear and determination adds the wheels for success.

Life is not a bed of roses; in our pursuit for success we are likely to face some or the other difficulties which would surely de-motivate us and create hindrance in our life. Pitfalls and consequences are some unavoidable realities of our life but this does not mean that we will stop living or dreaming about our future. Life becomes stagnant when we stop trying; no matter whatever the hurdles are, we should boost our determination and strive for success in life. We can win over any situation with the help of self motivation and through the same we can achieve what we have planned to accomplish. Motivation provides enthusiasm and excitement in our life which is definitely constructive for our thought process.

Self motivation has some laws to follow:

  • Set a goal: We have to be definite to our mind and need to have a clearer vision about what we want from our life. Once we decide our objectives only then we can plan for it. Self motivation becomes a part of our planning to move ahead and achieve success in life.

  • Accept and appreciate the self: Self motivation requires self acceptance which means being proud on the ‘self’. A major chunk of people experience failure because they give more stress on public criticism rather than keeping their attention on their inner abilities. We have to be passionate about our qualities and potentials and execute them whenever required.

  • Be positive: We need to constantly develop the habit of positive thinking. Setbacks are always there in the journey of life but we should not give up. We would think about our achievements to boost our confidence level so that negativity can never overpower us.

  • Determination has the ultimate power: Level of determination decides the fortune of a man. Success cannot be earned without hard labor and constant efforts; and hard work requires determination. Determination or perseverance is human virtue which depends upon human patience and the firmness in his character. No man is born with success; it is the strong will power of a man which decides his fate. Achieving success can never be a miracle; one needs to put his best attempts and engage his whole concentration with perseverance and strong determining attitude towards success. If we go through the biographies of numerous successful people we will find that most of them belong to an average family background. There was hardly any social acceptance or family finance to support them; still they won the battle of life and they could overcome it with resolute determination.

Many talented people lost themselves in the crowd as they failed to recognize their potentials. They fall into the trap of public acceptance and give away their entire life to get public appreciation; whereas, one can achieve more than his fellow human being and can live a better and happy life only if he knows how to motivate his inner soul and build strong will power.